Solar Eclipse Plans and Safety Information


We have been preparing for the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st, and we want to communicate how our schools will be addressing this unique experience.

Each elementary site has activities planned by the grade level. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your teachers. We have purchased glasses for grades 1-6 to have available as needed. There have been many concerns raised regarding counterfeit glasses. We researched our suppliers, and we have cross-referenced our vendors with the reputable vendors list from the American Astronomic Society, part of the National Science Foundation.

The 7/8 is scheduled to have an assembly in the North Gym to watch a live feed from NASA. This will occur between 9:45 and 10:30 AM. Science teachers and parents from JPL will be speaking with the students about the eclipse.

At the 9-12, Science teachers will be monitoring the eclipse with telescopes, possible live feeds from YouTube, and other viewing opportunities. Limited glasses will be available for student use at the viewing stations. A communication regarding safety precautions will be sent out this weekend by the LCHS administration team.

All sites have been given the informational web links we have included below. Specific attention has been directed to NASA’s recommended eye safety during a solar eclipse.

We encourage you to review these websites as well so you and your students are best able to experience the eclipse safely.

Eye Safety during a solar eclipse:

How to View the 2017 Solar Eclipse Safely:

Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters and Viewers:

How to Tell if Your Eclipse Glasses are Safe: