Latest Issue of LC21: Tech-Focused Instructional Newsletter

Latest Issue of LC21: Tech-Focused Instructional Newsletter

Each month, David Paszkiewicz, LCUSD Lead Instructional Specialist, produces a curated collection of classrooms ideas for our teachers. This month features ideas about student presentations and developing those important soft skills needed for the future. You can read the newsletter here

He shares these tips for students:

  • Be brief. Your comments should last 30 seconds or less.
  • Answer the question. Be sure your comment is about the subject being discussed.
  • Volunteer. It’s your chance to add something to the class. Don’t wait until you are called upon.
  • Be familiar with topics of current interest. Know what is happening in world events, and you will be better prepared to give a thorough answer.
  • Avoid sarcasm. Make positive and helpful comments.
  • Listen. Be courteous when others are speaking, you may learn something.

And I really appreciated this historical reference:

“Theodore Roosevelt was asked how long it took him to prepare one of his speeches. He replied it depended on the length of the speech required: for a half-an-hour speech, two to three days, for five minutes, a week and if he had to speak for two hours then he could begin immediately.”