PCR: Maci's Award Is Doubly Special

One of the best success stories related to this year’s Reflections Contest is the special story of Maci, a 3rd grade student at PCR in Ms. Esquivel’s class. On March 11, 2015, Maci was awarded the California State PTA Award of Merit category of special artist for her photography. The award is all the more significant because Maci has limited verbal communication, so her expression through photography is pivotal.

Maci’s award winning “Ammie and Gran’s Beach” was taken at the beach home of her grandparents. It was one of many photos on the ten year old’s iPad and iPhone."

She takes a lot,” says her mom, Marikay, adding that she hadn’t been paying particular attention to them. “However, one afternoon I was cleaning out the pictures and I saw several that looked really good. Maci choose which one she wanted to enter in the Reflections contest and helped to get it mounted.”

As a result of her award of merit, Maci has been recognized at ceremonies at Palm Crest, at LCUSD District level, and at a ceremony for the First District. Shy by nature, Maci became more confident and more comfortable with each award reception, even giving a slight smile here and there.

The experience, says her mom, has had value on several levels. “Photography helps her to connect with the world from the social and emotional levels that are so challenging for her to engage in. It also gives her a sense of inclusion. The Reflections experience has also helped me as a parent realize her capabilities and give her more opportunities to express herself.”