LCHS 7/8: Collaboration Day Summaries for November

Social Science:

7th - This month, the 7th grade social science teachers met to discuss the Africa Performance Task assignment (close reading with analytical letter writing). We developed a document set for close reading as well as developed criteria (rubric) for analyzing the student work in the performance task. We also used the collaboration time to prepare the in-class Japan Clan simulation, including the pacing guide, close readings, and assessments. We have created it so that students will not only rely on their knowledge, but also their teamwork in order to succeed in this chapter-long challenge.

 8th - This month 8th grade social science teachers met up to discuss the creation performance task to compare the first political parties, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. We looked at a reading assignment that included correspondence between George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.  We discussed possible future performance tasks and how to integrate technology into the lessons.  We also worked on our mid-chapter quiz on Ch. 5 as well as our Ch. 5 Test.


7th -  This month the 7th grade science teachers discussed and modified a genetics project involving probability and Punnett squares.  We also collaborated on the recent conference on Medical Biology that was attended by Christine Werner.  A lab on disease prevention and vaccines was reviewed for use in an upcoming unit.

 8th- This month the 8th grade science teachers met to discuss the first quarter benchmark.  They reviewed data on students who did not meet the level of mastery.  They compared peer to peer data as well as individual students.  Standards were evaluated for mastery.


7th - In 7th grade English the month was spent collaborating on the Freak the Mighty unit. Discussion and work centered around the informative/explanatory essay and enhancing the writing rubric. Time was spent with one of the TOSAs to embed the rubric within the essay the students will be writing. The rubric was also enhanced for the 2015-2016 school year.

 8th - In 8th Grade English we have spent our collaboration time on sharing/developing lessons for Sentence of the Week Grammar Principles, Composing FATt Sentences, Informational Text, Updating Literature Lessons (aligning with Common Core), Independent Reading Program, and Composing Precise Summaries. Additionally, we crafted a new Common Assessment and haved worked to further update our pacing guides.


7th - During the 7th grade collaboration time the team discussed the pacing for the month of November and into December. The 7th grade team also created the upcoming unit tests for the regular and accelerated class. They also began to discuss the topics needed for the first semester final.

 8th - The 8th grade team has collaborated to align the pacing and review/discuss/change topics that need to be covered in the following weeks before the final exams. The team has also shared activities and resources with each other and discussed recent problem areas for students.