Facilities Master Plan

By Chief Business and Operations Officer, Mr. Mark Evans

One of our goals in the Local Control Accountability Plan is to complete an assessment of the facilities in the district and develop a Facilities Master Plan. The last master plan was done back in 1995 with updates in 2002 and 2009. With all of the demands from technology, the age of our facilities, and the demands for 21st century classrooms, it is time to reassess the needs and dreams for our instructional infrastructure. After interviewing several firms, the district recommended, and the Board accepted LPA as the architecture firm with whom we will work to create the vision for our district in the next decade or two.

The work with LPA architects is underway. Teams from LPA have visited the district multiple times. Initial meetings with the steering committee have occurred and laid out the plan development process. One day was spent meeting with departments like Technology, Athletics, Career Tech Education, and Special Education. On another day the various trades from the Maintenance Department met to discuss the condition of our facilities. Based on these interviews and surveys from the principals, LPA walked around the sites with the administrators to see and learn the spaces in which we live. In early October we will initiate our first Facilities Master Plan Committee meeting. Surveys will be sent out to staff very soon, and we are organizing some half day charrettes with staff members. Charrettes are sessions where the groups will share ideas and concepts for what our educational spaces should look like in the future. As the process goes on over the next eight months we will provide progress updates.

Along with the plan itself, the Board will be investigating funding methods. The primary source of funds for capital improvements come from local General Obligation Bonds. Concurrent with the development of the Master Plan, we will be researching the viability of a district bond measure to provide a funding stream to implement the improvements. Other sources of revenues may be available through state bond funds, grants, and other sources, however these will largely serve as supplements.

As we move through this school year, expect to hear more about the plans and goals for enhancing our schools. In tandem with that conversation will be one about funding and the ability to move those plans from paper to project.