LCHS 7/8 Collaboration Day Summary, August and September


7th - Teachers began the school year by reviewing the English 7 pacing guide and have revised it to accommodate digital citizenship lessons, as well as other school-wide events or initiatives. Also, teachers have designed units, lessons and formative assessments together in order to insure alignment of the English 7 curriculum. Finally, teachers have discussed and recorded a plan for their first common, benchmark assessment. Teachers expect to finalize the design of this assessment by the end of September.

8th - The 8th grade teachers have evaluated and revised their first common, benchmark assessment (to be given on October 7th, 2016). The teachers have also reviewed and adjusted their pacing guide for the 2016-2017 school year. Teachers have selected a date for a day-long PLC collaboration. Finally, they have worked in collaboration with the other 7th-12th grade, English PLCs to identify dates for vertical articulation.


7th - Teachers have been working on the pacing of both the regular and accelerated classes. We have also been working on creating warm up and exit tasks using Google Forms. We tried to create questions that will challenge their thinking and, yet, give us feedback of the material that they will learn. We also discuss the overall results of our assessments and modify our pacing/lessons as needed to allow for interventions.

8th - We have spent our collaboration time planning lessons and also creating and editing assessments (our first quiz as well as performance tasks for sorting real numbers and solving equations). We have worked together to differentiate the new Math 8 Advanced class from the Math 8 class and have reviewed and adjusted the pacing guide for both classes. 


7th - Collaboration has included review and modification of upcoming tests.  Teachers have collaborated with the 9-12 department to discuss the purchase of equipment that can be used by both 7/8 and 9-12 science departments.  For7/8, this will be sensors used for new a NGSS aligned photosynthesis lab.  Discussions are ongoing as to how to best modify existing labs to include phenomena as a springboard for learning.

8th - Teachers have been modifying existing tests to increase rigor as well as to be aligned with one another for common assessments.  With the addition of one-to-one devices, teachers have been adjusting lessons to include chromebook use.  This includes formative assessment checks and in-class assignments and labs.

Social Science

7th - The 7th grade teachers discussed changes in their Roman Achievements & Contributions Performance task pertaining to making students connect Rome's past to society today, and creating a standards-based rubric. They designed a Byzantine Performance Task using QR codes to give the students a virtual tour of Constantinople/Istanbul. The teachers reviewed Ch. 1 quizzes and discussed changes to make. They also looked ahead into the next units on Monotheism and Islam and began to identify assignments to be modified.  

8th -  The 8th Grade teachers created formative assessments as well as the American Revolution Performance Task. They scheduled their benchmark assessment, evaluated the benchmark from last year, and revised it accordingly. The teachers also discussed and edited their standards-based rubric. Finally, they began to organize Essential Questions for Chapter 3, and discussed a reduction in the amount of homework given to students.