PCR Collaboration Day Summaries September 30th, 2016

Kindergarten:  The District Wide Kindergarten Team met at the D.O. to review the “Size Matters” handwriting program presented by Pam Daniger and Tracy Prehn. Teachers discussed it strong points and discussed what worked best for them.  Kinder Teachers went on to review the Next Generation Science Standards and shared a list of standards and a possible pacing guide using the new standards.  The Kindergarten teachers also reviewed the three Language Arts programs available at the district office. The teachers completed a rating sheet as a group and submitted it to the committee.  Lastly, the kinder teachers worked on aligning their assessments to the Everyday Math program.

FIrst Grade:  The First Grade PCR Team met to plan EDM pacing and online calendar, including setting up online student accounts and getting usernames/passwords ready for families in Thursday Folders. They explored the online EDM resources available to teachers for instruction and for families at home and discussed technology integration strategies.

Second Grade:  The PCR Second Grade Team met with PCY and LCE second grade teachers at the District Office to view and explore the possible new ELA programs.. Our team also spent some time creating the 2nd Grade October Newsletter which will be sent home this week.

Third Grade:  The third grade team planned math lessons incorporating ideas from our EM training this past week. We drafted a parent letter for Thursday folders explaining how to access the online component for EM. We analyzed our unit one math test and pinpointed  areas of concern as well as strengths.

Fourth Grade:  The fourth grade team met to talk about aligning upcoming curriculum. We focused on our math to be taught in the next few weeks. In addition, we went over upcoming projects including salt and flour maps, native american tribe projects, and a writing project based on our current core lit book.

Fifth Grade:  The fifth grade team met and discussed the Everyday Math pre assessments using the online versions of the unit tests. We searched and downloaded the assessments that we would like to use for the upcoming units. Because we are transitioning with a new team member, we collaborated about projects and assignments to ensure a smooth transition.

Sixth Grade:  Science teachers met with 7/8 science teachers and discussed the Integrated and Discipline based NGSS standards. The teachers discussed how to gradually implement all the standards. ELA teachers met and reviewed new textbooks for the ELA adoption.

Special Ed:  PCR RSP met with LCE to discuss different computer,  researched based programs to help support students with their foundational skills. Both sites are agreeing that read naturally live works well and has great data printouts… we are exploring sites for math that are justifiable. We discussed homework policies and what essential standards are meaningful for particular students. RSP is also meeting with PT to come up with goals for student that we share for annual IEP.

Speech Pathologists attended a conference on supervision, teaching and mentoring students.

Counseling:  Met with the other elementary counselors and reviewed disaster procedures.

ELD:  The elementary ELD teachers met with the director to debrief this year’s CELDT testing process, and possible solutions to getting the testing done faster in order to provide support services to students sooner.  They discussed revising the reclassification criteria to include the new SBAC data and Fountas and Pinnell assessments at the appropriate grade levels.  Dates were finalized for the committee to update the ELD Master Plan.