Effective Leadership in Changing Times

By Assistant Superintendent Educational Services, Mrs. Anais Wenn

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Change.  In the last five years, educators, students and parents have been working to adapt and adjust to the significant changes in education.  New academic standards, instructional practices and technology integration have all drastically transformed the day to day lives of all educators.  Teachers have been on the front lines of implementing these changes; however, the work has been equally challenging for administrators. The administrators have had to make adjustments and take risks to support the implementation of these mandated changes.   

What type of leadership style is most effective in supporting change?  

Research shows the servant leadership model to be the most effective.  The servant leadership style emphasizes serving others as the most important priority.  This style of leadership promotes collaborative decision making, solid ethical and thoughtful behavior, strong sense of community and genuine concern for people’s personal and professional growth.  Educators with this type of leadership style bring out the best in teachers and provide them with the safe environment they need in order to take risks.  The servant leader supports professional development and provides a warm and trusting environment for teachers to not only grow but thrive.  LCUSD promotes the servant leadership style and attempts to model it daily through administrators’ interactions with staff, students and parents.  

Few will argue that change is incredibly challenging.  However, most would agree that it provides us with the opportunity to evaluate our practices and make the necessary adjustments to continue to provide first class education to our students.