The School X Experience

By PCY Assistant Principal, Ms. Carrie Hetzel

LCUSD Winter Newsletter - Three LCUSD district logos stacked to look like a snow man. 

They sold lemonade, donated books, and made friendship bracelets; but really they were selling a dream and I bought it all.  School-X teaches students how to be entrepreneurs and I had the honor of judging one of its competitions. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I agreed to be a judge.  It had been a long week and a late Friday when I was asked to participate in the School-X Evening Competition.  I didn’t know much about School-X, beyond it being an afterschool enrichment program for PCY students. But I said “yes” and headed over to La Cañada Elementary School. 

What I discovered was something quite inspiring.  Students from LCUSD elementary schools got on stage to ‘pitch’ their products to a rather large audience.  These students had thought out their products from idea to design.  I was so impressed with their creativity and thoughtfulness throughout the entire process.  Some students were solving big problems with their ingenuity, like friendship bracelets for students at a new school. One student combined her love of reading and doodling by creating a bookmark with a pocket for a pen.  Some products were just to make life more fun; it’s why I bought my Dodger coin purse that night. School-X has a mission to teach and mentor young people to take their creativity, turn it into a product, and have a positive impact in their community.  After what I saw that Friday night, I think it wise to invest in their dreams. To learn more about School-X  you can find them at .