LCHS 7/8 Collaboration Day Summary, November

Social Science  

7th -  The 7th grade teachers have spent the month of November planning the mini-unit for Africa, and the unit on Japan. They discussed new informational videos to use to supplement the lesson on Africa from Crash Course History, and we also discussed the best ways in which to present the Performance Task that discusses Africa’s economic status in the medieval world and its status today. They also began planning the activities for the unit on Japan including explaining the cultural influences of China, India, and Korea on Japan, and the reforms under Prince Shotoku’s Constitution. Finally, they discussed scheduling due to the Digital Citizenship lesson taking place on 11/15 & 11/16.

8th -  The 8th grade social science teachers worked on planning the following week: they updated a quiz, figured out what to assign and looked over a John Marshall task. The teachers readjusted the pacing for the week leading up to the Thanksgiving Bowl. They looked over the Chapter 5 test, created a study guide and decided when to distribute out the study guide and give the test. Finally, they worked on their Common Assessment Vision Plan, the Final Performance Task, and adjusted pacing for the week after Thanksgiving.


7th -  7th grade science teachers have collaborated on the chapter 4 and chapter 5 tests. Modifications to pacing for November and December were done with regard to various presenters doing lessons outside of the current chapters.   After attending a medical biology conference, 7th grade science teachers collaborated on appropriate incorporation of an antibody/antigen lab into upcoming curriculum.

8th - 8th grade science teachers have designed a new performance task for their final exam. Time was spent during collaboration to create directions and a scoring rubric for students.  The performance task will deal with the Periodic Table of the Elements.


7th -  This month, the 7th grade English teachers have focused their efforts on the alignment of their curriculum and major common assessments. They have revised and implemented their 2nd major unit exam and have developed a reading/ major assignment schedule for the remainder of the semester. They’ve also discussed strategies and common practices for teaching the novel Freak the Mighty and have started preparing for their day-long collaboration in December.

8th -  This month the 8th grade English teachers refined and cemented the design of their common assessment, common assignments (with special emphasis on the “Comma Rule Book” assignment) and their semester final. They’ve also revised reading comprehension questions for the Flowers for Algernon Unit, so that they better align with state standards. Finally, the 8th grade English teachers have begun their planning for 2nd semester and will continue to do so in the upcoming months.


7th -  The 7th grade teachers met this month working on pacing for the rest of the semester. We also discussed multiple tasks that the students will be working on this month. We also spent a day meeting with some math publishers to look at possible textbook adoption for the future.

8th -  For collaboration this month we have looked over chapters in "Math in Focus" for relations/functions and linear functions. We also completed a vision plan and worked together to create and edit a Chapter 7 Test for both Math 8 and Math 8 advanced. As always, we shared activities and looked over the pacing guide to see which standards still need to be covered by the end of the semester (especially which high school standards we need to be cover in the advanced classes).