A Victory Off Of The Field

On Saturday, April 16th a group of 41 sports medicine students from LCHS were awarded 1st place at the 15th annual St. Francis High School Sports Medicine Competition.

This year's competition was the largest one to date with 44 schools and 667 competitors participating.  Students from California, Kansas, Michigan, Virginia, and Washington competed in the competition which involved a 100 question written exam as well as a hands-on practical exam.  The focus topic this year was the head and face, though knowledge of CPR/First aid, injury taping/wrapping techniques and basic knowledge of the field of sports medicine was also assessed.   In addition to the team trophy, 4 students from the LCHS team also came home with individual awards in their division--practically sweeping the competition:  Emma Tapp - 1st place, Connor Thomas - 2nd place, Andrew Gray - 4th place and Maddy Jordan - 5th place.  Though 2 of the past LCHS teams have emerged from the competition with Championship trophies and past team members have been awarded individual medals, it's a first for LCHS students to take home 4 out of the 5 individual medals in their division. Their outstanding performance secures the LCHS team a spot in the upcoming AACI National Sports Medicine Competition which will be held in mid May.