LCHS 7/8: Collaboration Day Summaries for December

Social Science:

7th - The 7th grade History team put together a DBQ Analysis on Women in Heian and Feudal Japan that asked students to understand the values of medieval Japanese society and the role of women. In addition, we worked on completing the 2015 midterm exam, continuing to align it to CCSS, and putting the test into the Illuminate program so the test will be taken in the online portal. We also worked on a designing a graphic organizer for the students' mid-term essay.

8th - The 8th grade History team created a performance task of skits based on events of the first 3 presidents and updated all the timeline final handouts.  We also created a study guide for the final performance task. We also went through student work samples and discussed the success of our Federalist vs. Democratic-Republican poster assignment.


7th - The 7th grade science teachers reworked the first semester final exam.  The team is also deciding on an Argument Driven Inquiry lab for the upcoming chapter on evolution.  The team researched an article in Newsela which was used to supplement information from the text with current events in science.

8th - The 8th grade science teachers worked on the final exam for first semester.  They worked on creating the lab practical portion of the final exam as well.  Teachers also collaborated on the chapter 6 and chapter 7 tests.    


7th - The 7th grade ELA team diligently worked during the month of December to integrate the new core novel American Born Chinese into the curriculum. This unit will start at the beginning of January. The team met with technology TOSAs to implement new computer applications to use in storyboarding the unit with the students. The 7th grade teachers also revised and created the first semester final exam.  

8th - During the month of December, the 8th grade team worked on the first semester final exam components. The team also discussed the pacing of the calendar for the second semester.


7th - During the 7th grade collaboration time the team discussed the pacing for the month of December and into the first week of January. The 7th grade team also created the upcoming quiz for the regular class. We continued to look at the questions for the final and the review for the finals.

8th - The 8th grade team has collaborated to align the pacing and review/discuss/change topics that need to be covered in the following weeks before the final exams. They also started to create/revise their first semester final based on the topics that were covered.