LCHS 7/8: Athletics Digest

LCHS 7/8 is proud to be home to a thriving athletics program. With over 250 student athletes participating in 15 available sports, the program plays a critical role in preparing students for all kinds of future endeavors. 

By participating in the sports program, 7/8 students build athletic stamina and skills that will strengthen them for the level of competition they they will face in high school. Many of the athletes they face at rival schools now, will be the same athletes they face in the years to come. Building a good foundation now is essential for developing great players at the high school level, and for those who will move on to play college sports. 

In addition to advancing athletically, students who play sports experience the benefits of being on a team, including learning to work together to meet a common goal, learning to win and to lose while practicing good sportsmanlike conduct, and being supportive of one another. Individually, students learn the value of hard work and perseverance, the importance of practice, and time management skills as they balance athletic activities with academics and other commitments. All these components also help to develop healthy self-esteem, as students feel supported by others and proud of their accomplishments. 

Already this year, LCHS 7/8 sports teams have experienced success. Here is an update from the 7/8 Athletics Department. 

Cross Country
They had their very first champion runner in the 7th grade girls’ race for cross country, which took place at the largest race at Mt. SAC. We also had athletes that placed in the top 15 out of more than 100 runners in the 7th and 8th grade girls’ race and the 7th grade boys’ race.

Our 8th grade team had a great season, only dropping one game and winning 6. Our 7th grade team showed great improvement throughout the season, and the kids really enjoyed their experience.

Girls Volleyball
The 8th grade team finished with a strong record and came in 3rd in the post season tournament out of 10 teams. The 7th grade team had a great group of kids, and finished in the middle of their league.

Boys Basketball
The league champion 7th grade team went undefeated and really came together as a team this season. The 8th grade team were also league champions, while incorporating many new players to the team this year.

Girls Basketball
The league champion 7th grade team went undefeated. They played consistently and together all season long. The 8th grade team finished toward the top of their league, and showed marked improvement as the season progressed.
Girls Lacrosse
The lacrosse team practiced a lot played two matches, incorporating and introducing many new players to the sport.

Boys and Girls Soccer
These teams are in the middle of the soccer season. Currently, the combined 7/8 boys team is undefeated, going into the second half of the season, while the girls team currently has a 2-2 record. Both teams have great student athletes.

For students who are interested in joining a team in the future, sports are seasonal and tryouts are usually held 2-3 weeks before a sport’s start date. Announcements about tryouts  are also made at school. You can also visit the athletics tab on and find important information for each team. 

For parents and community members looking for opportunities to support the LCHS 7/8 athletics program, there are a number of ways to get involved. Volunteers are always needed to help coach, referee, and organize fundraisers. The department also accepts donations for additional sports equipment to help sustain the teams while they practice. Most importantly, please, attend the athletics events and cheer for the students as they play. The students always appreciate feeling the support of their fans!