LCHS 9-12: Welcome Back, LCHS!

2016/17 has all the makings on an exceptional year, and the Spartans are ready for it! School spirit and pride were represented in abundance by both students and staff at this year’s Welcome Back Assembly!

Beats by the LCHS drumline echoed throughout campus as students gathered and soon-to-be graduates donned their exclusive, illustrious senior crowns.

There was a great feeling in the air as students smiled, chatted, and reunited with their friends. Assistant Principal Jim Cartnal commented, “It’s been great to have the kids and staff back. We’ve really started positively with the teachers greeting kids at the doors, students getting settled into the classes and the work, the campus is alive again.”

To get the festivities started, newly appointed ASB Assembly Commissioners, Katherine S, Luke J, and Sean S, shared a video of useful tips and some of their favorite places to hang out, on campus--ASB room, the theatre, the football field, the nurse’s office, to name a few. Many of the fall sports teams, which include cross countryfootballgirls golfgirls tennisgirls volleyball, and boys water polo, took the floor to rally fans and promote their upcoming games. Cheerleaders, flag girls, and dance squads also showcased their talent and boosted excitement among the crowd.

The commissioners helped oversee two contests, a volleyball challenge and a rowdy game of musical chairs that brought many Spartans to their feet. After all, you’re never really too old for musical chairs.

LCHS assemblies also take time to exhibit the various talents of students during the Senior Highlight. This time, the school was given the chance to recognize the musical talents of two 12th grade students, Holly and Chad. With Chad playing the guitar, Holly serenaded the school with a soulful voice that engaged everyone in the room.

After the performance, everyone was treated to the first episode of this year’s LCHS story, inspired by the classic portrayal of another high school experience: Grease. Students and faculty had almost as much fun watching the story begin as the students did making it.

Like all LCHS assemblies, it ended with the Chamber Singers stepping onto the floor, circling up, and leading the school in the LCHS alma mater.

ASB, along with their new advisor Ms. Price, did an amazing job planning and hosting the assembly. After such a fun period of celebrating and supporting one another, everyone left the gym pumped for the rest of their day and for the many school events coming their way. As described by Assistant Principal Mary Hazlett, “Today was a wonderful assembly recognizing some of our fall sports and other groups and activities, and we’re looking forward to a great year.”