LCHS 7/8: 7/8 Rocks the Vote for ASB!

Boy working on a laptop.

The ballots have been cast, and the votes are in! Throughout the past two weeks, 7/8 students have been voting for this year's Associated Student Body (ASB) officials.This year’s officials will be responsible for planning school dances, parties, spirit days, music at lunch, as well as publicizing and fundraising for school events and other campus activities such as clubs and sports. They will have weekly meetings where they discuss their plans and make decisions about serving their school and allocating their funds.  Before getting started, they will have a leadership day to learn more about their duties, to develop positivity and school spirit, and to get to know each other as a team.

7/8 ASB is overseen by two faculty advisors--Ms. Joanne Park-Smith, social science teacher, and Shannon Brascia, counselor. “I love getting to know students on another level--seeing them respond in different ways to their leadership roles,” shared Ms. Brascia, “Every kid brings their unique talents to the group, and I also get to see some of them discover their leadership style throughout the year.”

Ms. Park-Smith took a moment, during their first official meeting, to speak on the importance of being good role models, “We want to try to be model citizens. When walking around campus, praise other people and be positive. This is a service job-to praise other citizens, to hear their concerns, and to do what’s best for everyone else.”

All 7/8 students interested in running for office have the opportunity to attend an informational meeting during the first week of school. Once the campaign process begins, candidates meet with advisors, post campaign flyers, write speeches that Ms. Park-Smith approves, and talk to their peers about what’s important to them at school. During the second week of school, students vote for the ASB president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, and during the third week of school, students vote for presidents and vice presidents to represent each of the individual small schools.

Prior to voting, the candidates visit each class to deliver their speeches. While public speaking can be an extremely challenging task, each candidate skillfully stepped up to the podium with determination to communicate their ideas and goals for office. Various themes heard in this year’s student addresses included choosing candidates who care and are responsible, making realistic changes like improving school dances rather than abolishing homework and tests, and making everyone on campus feel represented and heard. As described by Ms. Park-Smith, “They all have different styles. They did well.”  She also noted that students sitting in the audience were great “active listeners.”

When it came time to vote,  the students opened their Chromebooks and used a Google Form created by Ms. Park-Smith to streamline the voting process. In seconds, they were able to submit their choices.   

As expressed by Ms. Brascia, “We had strong candidates this year, and I think we will have a strong cabinet. Every group develops their own priorities and interests so that I can’t wait to see what this year’s cabinet wants to get involved in!”

Several of the new officials wanted to share a few words with their fellow students:

“I’m looking forward to having better dancing and improving the school year for 7/8.” - Kade H.

“I’m excited to be working with  7/8 students. I know that ASB can turn this good school year into a great school year.” - Nick C.

“I’m excited to be a part of ASB this year and represent my awesome small school.” - Ryan S.

“I’m overjoyed to be in ASB, and I hope to have more people come to our dances and other activities now.” - Rishi G.  

“I’m excited that I can help the school year be fun and still an educational place to learn.” - Noah T.

The 2016/17 ASB Cabinet:

President - Noah T.

Vice President - Sahith C. 

Secretary - Andrew H.

Treasurer - Keaton C. and Audrey M.

Activities Director - Kade H.

Publicity Chair - Heather H.

Assistant Activities Director - Ben H.

Assistant Publicity Chair - Rishi G.

School 1 President - Ryan S.

School 1 Vice President - Sam S. and Nadia C.

School 2 President - Nick C. 

School 2 Vice President - Ty R.

School 3 President - Colin M. 

School 3 Vice President - Maddie R. 

School 4 President - Mihir S. 

School 4 Vice President - JT S.