District Health Benefits Committee Brings Free Health Screening to the LCUSD

By Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, Dr. Jeff Davis

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The La Canada USD is a progressive high-achieving school district, with many active committees at both the district level and the school sites. One of these committees, the District Health Benefits Committee has been able to develop a partnership with Health Fair, a health and wellness company based in Winter Springs, Florida to bring FREE Mobile Health screenings to our LCUSD employees and their spouses or domestic partners, if both the employee and spouse or domestic partner are on a medical plan through the LCUSD. The free health screenings are also available to retirees that are currently still covered by a medical plan through the LCUSD. These health screenings are sponsored by the district, LCTA, and CSEA.

The 40 foot Health Fair bus is basically a doctor’s office on wheels, with the ability to perform health screenings on two people at a time (there are screening facilities at each end of the bus). All eligible employees take the “Know Your Numbers Risk Assessment” and in addition, individuals 35-44 years of age (with two Cardiovascular Risk Factors) and all enrolled individuals that are 45 years of age and older are also eligible to take the Ultrasound Tests of the Heart & Arteries.

A bonus to all participants that completed the health screening is a $10 Target Gift Card, compliments of ASCIP (Alliance Schools for Co-Op Insurance), who provide insurance for school districts, and serve as our insurance provider. In addition, all participants that completed the screening were entered into a raffle to win the following prizes: one of two (2) Kindle Fire Tablets and a Disneyland Family 4 Pack. The raffle prizes were donated by Health Fair.

The district also provided a few substitutes (certificated and classified) on the screening day(s) at each site, so that our employees could access the screening during the work day as needed.

The screenings were administered from February  23rd through March 3rd at each school site and at the District Office.  Kudos go to District Health Benefits Committee members: Sean Mispagel, Wendi Damico, Mandy Redfern, Teresa Pisacane, Barbara Pahk, Melinda Thompson, Dr. Jarrett Gold, Mark Evans, and former Director of Fiscal Services Diane Clinton.

We are pleased that staff took advantage of this unique opportunity and hope to offer it again as a service to LCUSD employees in future years!